Estate Planning, Advanced Planning, Lifecycle Planning

The primary goal is to ensure that your estate plan accurately reflects your desires and safeguards your wealth. The process of estate planning is not a one-time transaction. It is an ongoing relationship throughout the years as life events continue to take place. It is important to have an effective estate plan that helps to accomplish your goals for wealth transfer & wealth protection.

Services Offered:  Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Advanced Health Care Directives, Durable Power of Attorney, Conservatorships, Probate and Trust Administration, Employment Contracts, Real Estate Law, Securities Law, and more.

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Wealth Management, Investment Guidance, Retirement Planning

Investment design and planning utilizes an allocation of your financial resources that are committed to your retirement.  Through saving, investing, and compounding growth, the ultimate goal is to generate an income without having to work. Portfolio construction has drastically changed and should adapt with the new world.  Our approach takes an innovative and multi-dimensional approach in an effort to consistently grow client assets while managing risk and volatility.

Services Offered:  All types of investments – managed strategies, alternative investments, U.S. stocks, International stocks, bonds, mutual funds, interval funds, preferred equities, covered securities, direct investments, private equity and debt, fixed and variable annuities, life insurance, lifetime income riders, CD & Money Markets, life settlement notes, REITs, real estate development, closed end funds, ETFs, commodities strategies, oil & gas, absolute return, hedged strategies, tactical strategies, institutional access, managed futures, business development companies, and more.

Accounts Offered:  All types of accounts – Individual, Joint, Custodial (UGMA & UTMA), Trust, Sole Proprietor, Corporate, LLC, Non-profit, partnership, Estate (Administrator / Executor), IRAs (all types – traditional, bene, rollover, roth, SEP, Simple) , Retirement Accounts (Profit Sharing, Money Purchase Plan, 403b, 401k), and more.

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Insurance Solutions, Asset Protection, Tax Savings, Risk Management

Services Offered:  There are many methods that fall in the way of protection so that you can sleep at night.  Primarily, we are discussing insurance based solutions – life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, guaranteed lifetime income, variable annuities, equity indexed annuities, fixed annuities, and more.

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Solutions To Reduce, Defer, And Eliminate Taxes

Services Offered:  1031s & DSTs (professional managed), Deferred Sales Trust (1031 Alternatives), Conservation Easements, Oil and Gas, REITs, Qualified Opportunity Zones, Tax Planning, and more.

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Alternative Investments – Direct & Non-correlated Investments

Services Offered:  When constructing a portfolio that emulates the allocation of major institutions, college endowments, and high net worth family offices, the portfolio includes alternative investments.  In an attempt to reduce the correlation to the public markets and daily volatility associated with daily liquid securities, we often utilize a variety of direct investments, partnerships, REITs, Covered Securities, and Interval Funds (provided it is suitable for the client).

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INTEGRATE – Your Asset Less Your Liabilities = Your Daily Net Worth

Services Offered:  When you are a client, we provide free access to a leading financial an aggregation platform to organize and list all of your assets and liabilities (updated each night) to provide a daily value of your total net worth.  It allows for a more comprehensive view of your financial situation, ongoing, updated daily. Keep track of your investments and your spending in one location.

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