Asset Protection, Risk Management, Legal Strategies, Insurance Solutions, Tax Protection

Strategic Alliances

Gold Coast Financial Group has created strategic alliances to help you protect your family, business, and assets. 

Asset Protection


Asset Protection is an important aspect in your wealth accumulation and distribution phases. It can take on many forms with regard to its definition. Our Wealth Management Division uses tactical and capital preservation strategies in an effort to manage risk and protect your assets from the drawdowns in the markets.* Our Estate Planning Department can use legal structures to make every effort to protect your assets from creditors.* Our Insurance Division will offer principal protection products to assure that your assets are there for you at your retirement with various insurance options. Our Tax Planning CPA Referral can protect your assets from the IRS collecting more than their fair share.* *While every effort is made, there are no guarantees.

Risk Management


We believe that effective risk management in investment portfolios is essential to successful investing. The past decade has taught the world that “buy and hold” strategies are not suitable for many investors.

Using an allocation of strategies, we allocate portfolios across the major asset classes:

  • U.S. Equities
  • International Equities
  • Commodities
  • Fixed Income
  • Alternatives

We use a multi-asset class allocation with strategic and tactical components rather than a traditional asset allocation. With a proactive approach, we adjust the allocation and use defensive tactics when market trends and valuations are unfavorable.

These tactics include reducing overall stock exposure, raising cash & bond holdings, and limiting the loss potential on individual holdings by clearly identifying exit strategies. Our goal is to switch from “wealth accumulation mode” to “wealth preservation mode” when market trends and valuations are unfavorable.

Our objective is that investors experience lower volatility, less risk of loss, and more favorable results.

Legal Strategies


Please refer to our Estate Planning partner, Mains Law Office, to learn more about the different methods of protecting you and your assets from others. 

Insurance Solutions


Please refer to our Insurance Division, G.C.F.G. Insurance, to learn more about the different benefits of insurance to protect your family, business, and assets. 

Tax Protection


We work with the Jeff Trapp and the Tax Planning Pros to assist our clients with business and tax
planning. Please visit for more information.