Alternative Investments

An alternative investment is regarded as an investment product other than traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, money markets and/or cash. In general, but not always, alternative investments offer very low correlation versus traditional investment products.

For a portfolio allocation, a combination of market related investment strategies, combined with alternative investments, will often reduce the overall dreaded volatility that comes with market-based investing.

Alternative investments include non-traded REITs, Direct Placements, Private Equity and Debt, Land Investments, Oil & Gas programs, 1031 exchanges, non-traded business development debt, collateralized funding, equipment leasing, pre-IPO, hedge funds, managed futures, structured products, natural resources, and a host of other specialized investment opportunities. They can be opportunistic, growth, and/or income focused.

To better understand the alternative investments, please visit the Alternative Investment Division of Gold Coast Financial Group, www.REITire.com.