We are a comprehensive wealth management and estate planning firm. We offer estate and legal planning, investment and retirement advice, insurance-based solutions, tax reduction strategies,  and alternative investment opportunities for increased diversification.
PLAN for your Future.  GROW your net worth. PROTECT your family, business, and assets.  SAVE with tax mitigation strategies. And DIVERSIFY beyond traditional investments.


Plan for your future. Plan for the unknown. Personalized investment and retirement plans. Wealth protection and effective wealth transfer.

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Investment allocation, portfolio construction, asset management, account aggregation. 

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Risk management, legal strategies, insurance solutions, tax protection. 

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Tax reduction, tax deferral, and tax elimination strategies. 

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Alternative, non-correlated, and non-traded investment opportunities. 

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Services We Provide

A Family Office for Every Family
Legal Protection

Legal Protection

Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Health Care Directives, Employment Law, Real Estate Law, Contracts, and more.

Wealth By Design

Wealth Management

Personalized investment portfolio design using traditional and alternatives asset classes, often utilized among the ‘smart’ money.

Annuities and Life Insurance

Annuities & Life Insurance

Asset protection, life insurance, long term care, lifetime income, and multi-generational wealth creation.

Tax Solutions

Tax Solutions

Tax Deferral Strategies, 1031 Exchanges, DSTs, Conservation Easements, IDC Write Offs, REIT Income Advantages, Roth Conversion Strategies, and more.

Alternative Investments

Direct & Alternative Investments

Further diversify your portfolio with non-correlated, non-traded, direct, alternative investment opportunities for growth and/or income.

Account Aggregation

Account Aggregation Platform

Aggregate your investment accounts, bank accounts, credit cards, — all of your assets, less your liabilities to equal your net worth. MyDailyWorth.com

Our Team

Julie B. Mains Esq.

Julie B. Mains, ESQ

Managing Partner Attorney

Scott Brooks

Scott Brooks

Managing Partner
Chief Investment Officer
Monique Morales

Monique Lozano

Operations Manager

Jeela Fakhriravari

General Reception & MLO

Amber Kettunen

Executive Operations Assistant
In Good Company

Our Background

Gold Coast Financial Group is a comprehensive wealth management firm consisting of Financial Advisors, an Estate Planning Attorney, an Insurance specialist, and a Certified Public Accountant to thoroughly serve our clients with all aspects of their fiscal well-being.

Wealth Management takes a comprehensive approach to meeting client needs by using a highly consultative approach to construct integrated, personalized solutions. The key components include Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Transfer, and Wealth Protection.

In our ongoing pursuit of excellence, our company consists of a team of specialists to better serve and add value to our clients’ lives.

An Endowment Model for Regular People

An Innovative Approach to Portfolio Design

The smartest minds and brightest people hired to manage 100 million dollar+ family offices and billion dollar college endowments often design portfolios with direct real estate, private debt, and equity, and professionally managed market strategies.  We construct our client portfolios in a similar fashion. Our goal is to grow our clients’ net worth while mitigating overall risk and volatility. We do this by complementing the traditional stock and bond investments with alternative investment strategies.

Did you know you can…

  • Sell your highly appreciated real estate or business and defer the capital gains taxes for 5, 10, even 20+ years?
  • Invest the proceeds in a diversified portfolio?
  • Collect monthly income installments?

    When it comes to portfolio construction, we want to build a dream team allocation of best-in-class management strategies for Strategic investing, Tactical investing, and Hedging, using all of the major asset classes.  We want to reduce the daily market volatility with non-correlated, non-traded alternative investment opportunities.  We want our valued clients to be happy with their performance, and more importantly to sleep well at night. The objective of our endowment style portfolio design is to create an “all weather” portfolio that can navigate all of the different environments of the various markets.

    Scott BrooksChief Investment Officer

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    Our Mission Statement

    We are committed to enriching the lives of our valued clients by delivering exceptional service. We make every effort to keep current on the latest trends and challenge conventional wisdom with healthy skepticism. We are in business for our clients, with relationships built on trust. We are one firm, with extensive access, committed to delivering a full range of investment opportunities, knowledge, and unique solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Our clients come first.

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